Pancakes From Around the World

Pancakes From Around the World

The Ultimate Guide for Pancake Lovers

Welcome, fellow pancake enthusiasts! If you are as passionate about pancakes as I am, you're in for a treat. Today, we embark on a mouthwatering journey to explore pancakes from various corners of the world. From fluffy stacks drenched in maple syrup to savory delights that will make your taste buds dance, there's something for every pancake lover out there. So put on your pancake shirt and get ready to indulge!

American Pancakes

Let's start with the classics - American pancakes! These fluffy delights are a staple on breakfast tables across the United States. Made with simple ingredients like flour, eggs, milk, and baking powder, American pancakes are known for their thick and fluffy texture. The batter is spooned onto a hot griddle, resulting in golden brown pancakes that are light and airy on the inside. Whether you prefer a stack of mini pancakes or a giant one that covers your entire plate, American pancakes never disappoint.

One popular variation of American pancakes is the blueberry pancake, where fresh or frozen blueberries are added to the batter. The burst of juicy blueberries adds a delightful sweetness to every bite. Topped with a pat of butter and a generous drizzle of maple syrup, blueberry pancakes are a breakfast dream come true.

French Crepes

Now let's hop across the pond to France, where we find the delicate and versatile French crepes. These thin, lacy pancakes can be filled with both sweet and savory fillings, making them a favorite for any time of day. The batter for crepes is much thinner than that of American pancakes, resulting in a pancake that is light and delicate. To make a crepe, the batter is spread thinly across a hot pan, creating a thin, circular pancake that cooks quickly.

When it comes to fillings, the choices are endless. For a sweet treat, fill your crepe with Nutella and sliced bananas or fresh strawberries and whipped cream. If you prefer something savory, try ham and cheese or spinach and feta. The crepe is then folded or rolled to create a delicious package of flavors. Enjoyed with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or a drizzle of lemon juice, French crepes are a delicious treat that will transport you to the streets of Paris.

Japanese Okonomiyaki

Prepare your taste buds for a unique pancake experience as we head to Japan to discover Okonomiyaki. This savory pancake is made with a batter of cabbage, flour, and eggs, and is traditionally topped with a variety of ingredients like bacon, seafood, vegetables, and a tangy sauce. Okonomiyaki is a popular street food in Japan and can be found in many regional variations.

The word "okonomiyaki" roughly translates to "grilled as you like it," which perfectly describes the customizable nature of this dish. You can choose your preferred toppings and even cook it yourself on a hot griddle provided at some restaurants. The result is a pancake that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a burst of umami flavors from the toppings. Okonomiyaki is a pancake lover's dream come true!

Swedish Pancakes

Next, let's venture to Sweden, where we'll indulge in delicate Swedish pancakes. Similar to French crepes, Swedish pancakes are thin and light. The batter is made with flour, milk, eggs, and a pinch of salt. To cook the pancakes, the batter is poured onto a hot pan and swirled around to create a thin, round pancake.

Swedish pancakes are usually served with whipped cream and lingonberry jam, creating a heavenly combination of flavors. Lingonberries are small red berries with a tart taste, similar to cranberries. The sweetness from the whipped cream balances perfectly with the tangy jam, making each bite a delight for your taste buds. Whether you enjoy them for breakfast or as a dessert, Swedish pancakes are a true Scandinavian delight.

Indian Dosas

Our pancake journey wouldn't be complete without a trip to India to savor the mouthwatering dosas. Dosas are thin and crispy pancakes made from fermented rice and lentil batter. They are a staple in South Indian cuisine and can be found at breakfast tables or as street food throughout the region.

To make a dosa, the batter is spread thinly across a hot griddle, creating a pancake that is crispy and golden brown on the edges. They are typically served with a variety of chutneys and sambar, a lentil soup. The contrast of the crispy dosa with the flavorful chutneys and spicy sambar is simply divine. Dosas can also be filled with various ingredients like spiced potatoes or paneer, offering a burst of flavors in every bite.


There you have it, pancake lovers! A tantalizing tour of pancakes from around the world. We have barely scratched the surface, as pancakes come in countless variations, each with its own unique twist. So put on your pancake shirt and embark on your own pancake adventure. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, thick or thin, there's a pancake out there waiting to tantalize your taste buds!

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Before we part ways, remember to share your newfound pancake knowledge with friends and family and encourage them to explore all the pancake wonders the world has to offer. Happy pancake eating!

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